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Different Remedies for your mouth in Central Leeds

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

595603_blogIn a modern world where dentists seemingly have the answer to every problem with their new fangled gadgets- and that is not in anyway meant to impugn their work because it is brilliant, but even some of these modern cavaliers will also admit that there are also other options to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Herbal remedies have started to play their hand in central Leeds and for good reason- they work, and some dentists would concur with this. Many cultures have used herbs for centuries to cure the ills of the body and now, the same applications are being used for oral health. Problems such as gum disease can be stopped and even reversed with herbal products; teeth can be re-mineralised. However, you will need to put in a lot of research and homework to work out what exactly these fabulous products can do for you. Firstly, ask your dentist or hygienist about such alternatives; some may scoff at the idea but persevere. Talk to someone who knows all about the benefits of herbal remedies and medicines and look on-line for what will be best for any condition you may have. The combination of using your dentist and alternative products will only be good for your oral health.

Scared of an Abscess in the City of Leeds? You should be

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

2487210_blogThe origins of any problems in your mouth can be traced directly to one nasty little protagonist- plaque. This forms from bacteria left behind and if it is not removed, it can harden into tartar, strangle the life out of your gums and infect them. Whilst this is going on, acids will be tearing away at the surfaces of your teeth and if they get inside, the pulp and roots will become diseased. Soon the tissue below the roots will become infected and with nowhere to go, an abscess will form. You will soon know about it too: not only will it become viciously painful- your face will swell like a balloon- but it will become viciously dangerous as well. As soon as an abscess erupts, it starts poisoning your blood and is carried into the brain; the upshot is that these toxins can induce a coma that in some cases has proved to be fatal. Find a dentist or go to the hospital in the city of Leeds fast because you need to be pumped with antibiotics in order to stop the poisoning and to reduce the swelling; only then can a dentist get to work on repairing the damage. All of this is down to poor oral hygiene so you should address this immediately, but be warned: if you have had an abscess once, there is a good chance of it coming back and if it does, the only way you can nip this in the bud is to have the tooth removed.

Spiteful Mouth Ulcers in Leeds

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

2143132_blogMost problems that arise in the mouth can be identified by their cause and then treated accordingly. However, there are still some conditions that still baffle professional dentists in Leeds today as to exactly what the cause of them are; mouth ulcers are one of these; these are spiteful and painful and you’ll know when you have one. Many theories are that they can be brought on by abrasion to the gums, highly acidic foods, burns from hot food and drinks, drugs, lacerations and stress. However, they aren’t instantly got rid of either but if you watch yourself for a few days, you should get through. Firstly avoid spicy foods and hot drinks and maintain a high level of oral hygiene throughout; use an anti-sceptic mouthwash and try to keep everything away from the ulcer. If you constantly are under stress though and chewing your gums to pieces, you may need to sit down with a psychiatrist to sort out your personal issues. There are some cracking gels, creams and antiseptic sprays that will relieve a lot of the pain- as well as taking painkillers. There is a huge word of warning here though: ulcers come and cause havoc for only a few days, but if you find them hanging around for weeks, even if you have treated them, then something more sinister is afoot and it could be the early signs of oral cancer. Always check out an ulcer anyway with your dentist to put your mind at rest.

The nasty nature of Bad Breath in Central Leeds

Monday, January 6th, 2014

758140_blogBad breath is a horrible condition to suffer from in central Leeds; it can hold you back from truly expressing yourself in public and make you a social outcast. Worse than this though is that it implies that things are going wrong with the general status quo of your mouth and body and if you suffer from it, you should sit down and analyse it with your dentist and work through the possible causes of it. Firstly, you should check-out the state of your mouth, for if you are suffering from tooth decay and/or gum disease, these will give off foul odours in your mouth; of course this would have been caused by poor oral hygiene- so this needs to be addressed, as well as getting patched up by your dentist. However, you will also need to look into your daily lifestyle: do you drink, smoke and eat rubbish foods…..because if you do, this is a bad cocktail for your breath. Of course, a bad diet will also break down your immune system and cause problems throughout your body: if you go through these issues one by one and yet still the condition remains, this is very serious as it could mean that you are having gastric problems and you will need to see a doctor. Bad breath is not just a problem superficially, so please do something about it as soon as you can- it’s your life on the line here.

Scrubbing your Tongue in the City of Leeds

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

585804_blogMany people generally know how to clean their teeth and gums correctly in the city of Leeds; you get the right products and learn how to use them. Doing this will remove bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth and greatly reduce the opportunity of plaque getting a grip. What you might not though is that you should also clean your tongue as well. The tongue harbours more bacteria than any other part of the mouth and however much you clean your teeth and gums, the bacteria from the tongue will simply spread again as soon as you have brushed. Many modern hand held brushes have a tongue scrubber on the underside and you should use this every time you brush, especially if you are a smoker. However you need to be gentle when doing this otherwise you can cause damage. You can also use the brush to do this- electric brushes are extremely good for this, but again, go easy- the tongue is very delicate. You don’t necessarily have to do this each day, but just keep an eye out each night for discolouration on the tongue’s surface and once you have cleaned it then rinse with a mouthwash for a total cleanse of your mouth.

Intimate Teeth Cleaning in Leeds

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

297243_blogThe shops of Leeds are packed with dental goodies; supermarkets and chemists have all the stuff you need to keep your mouth fresh and healthy on a daily basis. However, it’s not just about buying the right brush and toothbrush and paste, oral hygiene is more intricate these days and you should back-up the basic brushing with inter-dental cleaning as well. Flossing is a great way of getting between the teeth and gums to remove bits of food that get caught up in the places where your brush can’t get to, and if this is not removed, the acids will start to burn away at the enamel of your teeth. Small inter-dental brushes are also good for getting into the areas where the teeth and gums come together and if you use them in front of a mirror, you can see where the foods are lodged and then pick them out. This detailed cleaning is especially important as your teeth start to gap a little as you get older and this type of hygiene work then becomes essential. Do yourself a favour and go out and buy these products, and then learn to use them properly; by doing these you will save yourself from a world of hurt in the future and help you to have healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life.

Brighter Brushing in Central Leeds

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

361951_blogThere are many ways of keeping your mouth free of bacteria and plaque in central Leeds; flossing, inter-dental brushing and mouthwashes, but of course, all of these are designed to back up the main player in all of this- the toothbrush. The reason you brush is to remove film from the surfaces of your teeth left by food and drink, even the staining left by smoking. The smoother the surfaces of your teeth are, the more difficult it is for bacteria to stick to your teeth’s enamel, and brushing will do this. Of course you need to find a good brush first and there are many to choose from, so you will have to test a few out first in order to get one that suits your teeth and gums. Once you have got the right bristle strength for your mouth, then it is down to choosing the type of brush. The more popular today are electric brushes as they work faster and more efficiently than you using a hand held brush. However, whatever you go for, you need to learn to use the brush properly; people tend to rush when brushing and think the job is done: take your time and ensure you brush thoroughly in the nooks and crannies. If you get your basic brushing right, and follow it up with other products, you should have a plaque free mouth for life.

Sweetening-up your Breath in Leeds

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

293756_blogIt shouldn’t come as a shock to you in Leeds that delicious sugary foods are bad for your teeth for they speed up the plaque process and before you know what’s hit you, the tooth decay process will begin and cavities will form- this is only going to go one way, tooth loss. Even before that, the treatments to solve decay can be complex, painful and very expensive. You are also running the risk of suffering from gum disease and inevitably bad breath. However much sugar is pleasant to the palette, you can ease your cravings by finding sweet alternatives that will lower the risk of decay and that will also be good for your breath and any disease you may have. Dried fruits will not cause damage to your teeth and are good for the gums- apricots and raisins and are sweet to the taste; cranberries are particularly good for this. In fact most fruits are good for this and will help to freshen up your breath again. You don’t have to eliminate sugars altogether- everything in moderation as you well know, but it is best to cut right back on it if you want to beat bad breath and keep your mouth fresh and these sweet alternatives are the way forward to achieve this.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene to the City of Leeds

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

3943593_blogYou shouldn’t have to be told twice about the importance of oral hygiene in the city of Leeds, that’s if you want to maintain the health of mouth throughout your life. You will always be bombarded with bacteria from foods and drinks and unless these are removed, plaque will set up shop, which can lead to diseased gums and decay in the teeth; these are the early dangers to your teeth inevitably falling out and the threat of teeth abscesses erupting. Get yourself the best products you can afford; brushes, pastes, mouthwashes and flosses, and when you are happy with your choices then learn how to use them properly at least twice a day- especially after eating. If you get this down to a fine art, you will be giving yourself the best odds at avoiding these afore mentioned evils causing damage to your teeth and gums. Also remember, if things do start to go wrong, cut along the see your greatest friend in this situation- your dentist, who can get to places you can’t and fix you up when things go wrong.


Busting away Plaque in the City of Leeds through Brushing

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

3129552_blogThere is always something waiting to strike in your mouth and there are many areas in your mouth where bacteria can lurk. This makes it very important that you clean your teeth correctly in the city of Leeds otherwise you may well fall foul of plaque. Plaque is the root of all evils in your mouth and if you fail to remove it, it can lead you into the dangerous territories of tooth decay and gum disease; not only is this unhealthy for your mouth and body, it will be unhealthy for your bank account too. Getting a quality brush will be a good start for you and by going electric you can find one that is specifically designed to deal with plaque. There are many different actions to these brushes, but all are very good at removing bacteria and breaking down plaque and tartar. There are mouthwashes and pastes that are also designed to tackle plaque, you can even purchase a dye that will highlight any areas around the mouth where the problems lay and if you get the right combination, you will be able to brush away the plaque and keep your mouth free of disease in the future.