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Dealing With Bad Breath

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

4546258_blogBad breath (halitosis) is something we all have to deal with from time to time, but if this is a persistent problem for you, your dentist can help. Bad breath is a very common problem and it’s nothing to be ashamed about; dental treatments, including hygiene sessions, can help to banish bad breath for good, helping you to feel more comfortable and confident.

Why have I got bad breath?

Bad breath is commonly associated with bacteria, which collect and multiply in the mouth; when bacteria feed, they release gases, which have an unpleasant odour and this is why you experience bad breath. Bacteria usually gather as a result of poor oral hygiene. Smoking and eating foods that have a strong flavour or odour can also contribute to bad breath. Many cases of halitosis are linked to bacteria on the tongue, as this is often missed out when cleaning.

Dealing with bad breath

It’s perfectly normal to have bad breath in the morning or after eating, but if you find that you have bad breath most of the time or it is starting to impact on your confidence or the way you live your life, it’s time to seek help. Seeing your dentist and making regular appointments with your dental hygienist will make a massive difference to your oral health, as well as your confidence. The best treatment for bad breath is intensive cleaning and it’s also really important to maintain good oral hygiene at home. Your dental hygienist can chat through cleaning techniques with you and regular sessions will help to keep bacteria at bay and boost your oral health.

If you have problems with bad breath, don’t suffer in silence; call your dentist now to make an appointment and tackle bad breath for good.

Bad Breath and you in Central Leeds

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Many of us have been have been to a cracking party or two in central Leeds that may have run into the early hours, and then woken up with the breath of the loch ness monster the next day. The immediate response is to clean your teeth before you start breathing over others. Now, imagine that you suffer this problem on a daily basis and can’t shake it off; it’s going to put people off you, stop you from expressing yourself freely, and generally prevent you from getting on in life. Suffering from bad breath is a serious condition and it generally means that something is wrong somewhere within your body. It could mean that your teeth are suffering from decay or that you are having problems from gum disease: the dentist could fix this. But in all reality, it really means that you have a lifestyle problem: over indulgence in your social life with drinking, smoking and poor diet…it’s a cry from your soul to stop and change your ways. If your dentist has done all that is possible, then you too should do the same. Calm down on the partying for a while, up the way you conduct your oral hygiene everyday, try herbal remedies when you brush your teeth; chew lots of gum and drink lots of water…eat the right foods. After a few weeks, you should see a change and learn to control the problem. However, if you’ve thrown all the artillery you can at the problem and it still remains……see a doctor- and fast.


Unsociable Bad Breath in Central Leeds

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Your only hope in knowing that you have bad breath in central Leeds is that you have a really good friend to point it out for you, otherwise, you are not going to be popular and your social circle will diminish. Once you realize that you have this problem, it’s obvious that you need to change the way you go about things. At home, you can start with your oral hygiene. Change all of your products and get new ones and then work hard at learning to use them, and include herbal remedies as well in your daily routine. Always make sure you drink lots of water and that your mouth is hydrated- this can be aided by chewing or sucking on sugar-free sweets. Watch your smoking and drinking habits if you have them and try to live by a good balanced diet. However, there will be some things that you can’t do, like tackling gum disease and tooth decay, two of the main sponsors of bad breath. For this you will have to enlist the help of your dentist to help patch you up. With hard work, you can overcome the condition of bad breath. However, bad breath can emanate from within the body, and if after trying everything you can to get rid of the problem and it still sticks around, you should consult your doctor.