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How a few little things can help you in a Dental Emergency in Leeds

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

5538155_blogWe all have different ways of dealing with things in our lives in Leeds; some of us can be cool about stuff, others may panic. This level of how we handle things can also be governed by experience or by naivety. So when something like a dental emergency happens, we are presented with dilemma of what to do. But there are ways of coping in such a situation and with a few tips, it could help you to make the right snap decisions. You would be wise to make an appointment with your dentist, even go online, and educate yourself so that when a crisis appears, you will be able to handle it better. With something like losing a fitting or a toothache, you don’t need to see a dentist straight away and so with a couple of painkillers inside you, a medicated mouthwash and some soothing gels laying around, even some clove oil, you can cope until your dentist can see you at the earliest appointment you can get. Having a tooth knocked out is altogether a different matter: it can be saved and popped back in if you can either do it yourself or get to a hospital/dentist as quick as you can; this is also the route you need to go down if an abscess breaks out in your mouth, for you need to pump yourself with antibiotics quickly. It’s easy to say ‘be calm’ in any such situation, but knowing what to do will help you immensely, but always remember, the hospital and your dentist are always at hand and if you have any doubts, then get there anyway- if only to ease your mind.

Overcoming Tooth Loss in the City of Leeds

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

When tooth loss strikes, it is wise to strike back and plug up the gaps for many reasons. The health of your mouth can be under threat from tooth loss; infection can quickly set it and teeth around the space can start to move and affect the way you look when you smile. One of the more traditional remedies to tooth loss is a dental bridge; this has been used for decades in the city of Leeds and although it has proved itself in the past as being very reliable, it has got even better since mini implants have been used in the treatment. There were quite a few options in the past that would involve the use of wires and resins to bond the new tooth to the surrounding teeth and this option is still available, but the more popular one was a tooth moulded between two crowns and then cemented onto surrounding teeth, and with the help of an implant, this bridge has rather superseded the other methods. Once the bridge is in, it will be strong and if you ensure that you look after it, it will last you for a good couple of decades: notoriously, they can be hard to keep clean because food can easily get caught up below, but your dentist will help you in the beginning and supply you with the tools to do the job and once you have got the hang of it, a bridge will give you great service.


Aesthetics and Dentistry in Leeds

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Cosmetic dentistry in Leeds covers so many areas of your mouth, but all with one thing in mind- caring for how your teeth look. This aesthetics of dentistry start as early as having braces fitted; yes, this treatment primarily is designed to control and care for your ‘bite’, but is about the aesthetics too and like an orthodontist, a cosmetic dentist will take one look at you, get you to smile and then make notes on exactly what can be done to give you the ‘perfect’ smile. If your teeth are straight, then the efforts are concentrated on other problems such as discolouration, gapping or tooth loss. Teeth whitening is the way to go if your teeth are in good shape, but it won’t work so well if your teeth are looking tired from years of wear and tear. To knock these into place will require dental veneers or cosmetic bonding to cover your problems up. Then there is the problem of tooth loss and when you smile, this can serious impair the way you look. If the loss is minor, a partial denture will be a simple replacement, but is you want something solid in place, a dental implant in conjunction with a bridge or a crown will give your look that extra solidity. But the whole image doesn’t stop at the teeth, especially as you get older: your lips may well start to get wrinkled, but you can make your forty something lips the new twenty something lips with a little BOTOX or dermal fillers for the complete look.

Recovering from a Knocked out Tooth in Central Leeds

Friday, August 17th, 2012

If you happen to find yourself in the situation of having a tooth knocked out in central Leeds, it can put you in a position of shock and the fact that you have lost a tooth, very angry and annoyed, but did you know if you act quickly, the tooth can actually be saved by putting it back in?

It isn’t the easiest process but it can be done. You must avoid touching the root and ensure it is clean by rinsing in milk or warm salty water and once you have done this, you need to find a dentist immediately.

Of course, that’s all well and good, but the shock of all this may make it difficult to replace in the mouth. In this event, you still have a good 20 hours to get to the dentist or doctor to have it popped back in. the tooth must be kept in either some sort of saline solution or milk- that’s if they can be found on the streets at 3am in the morning- and if not, the tooth can be kept in the mouth until you can get seen.

Surprisingly, the tooth can be saved if you can get immediate treatment and it will sit happy in the gum once more.


Little Tips to keep your Teeth in shape in the City of Leeds

Friday, December 16th, 2011

A lot of people in the city ofLeedsstill see cleaning their teeth as a boring little chore each day, so they usually end up doing it wrong. But if you don’t want to end up with horrible gum disease, rotting teeth, revolting breath, rejected by everyone and eventually suffering from complete tooth loss, then you should indulge yourself with a few little tips to manage your teeth with each day so that you avoid this bleak and dark Dickensian oral future. Your dentist will be able to kick start you by giving you advice on exactly how to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. They can give you advice on what brush and toothpaste to use bespoke to your needs. And as stupid as it may sound, how to brush correctly- some people still take this operation for granted. Then you need to floss correctly; this can be coupled by dipping the floss in some tea tree oil first as this will help sooth the gums whilst you are removing foodstuffs from between the teeth. Another little known secret is massaging the gums with aloe-vera, as this can increase the blood flow throughout the gums keeping them alive and strong. You can also finish the process off by using a good mouthwash. Just by doing this after every meal will help maintain the health of your mouth and keep the teeth in your mouth forever.

Leeds dentists solve the problem of tooth loss once and for all with incredible secure dental implants

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Human beings have long sought out the best way of rectifying the problem of lost teeth. Teeth can get lost for a variety of reasons, from dental decay to the advanced stages of gum disease to a one off trauma affecting the mouth, maybe in a game of a physical sport. Having a full set of teeth, even if some or all of them are not natural, allows you to talk properly and eat and drink much easier.
A comparatively recent solution to tooth loss that has been honed by dentists over the past few decades is called dental implants. These very clever devices replicate the function of the root of a tooth. Essentially they are sockets which are fixed into the mouth and into which a replacement, false tooth can be screwed.
The real genius of dental implants is that they are made from titanium which naturally osseointegrates. What this means is that it fuses with living bone so the implant, to all intents and purposes, becomes an actual part of the mouth. The stability of this foundation should not be underestimated; once an implant is in place you won’t even have to think about the fact that it is there anymore.
Although costs are gradually coming down, dental implants are still not a budget option for many patients, but they are permanent and effective. The invasive nature of the surgery puts some people off too but it is worth stressing again how permanent a solution dental implants are. If you are interested in getting a dental implant then your Leeds dentist will be happy to talk through it all with you to see if it is the right procedure for you.

The Choice of Dental Bridges in Central Leeds

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

When you lose a tooth it can be traumatic at first, but once you get over the initial shock, you should consult your dentist about getting it replaced- sooner rather than later, not only for health reasons, but for aesthetic ones too. When the tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth can begin to loosen around it, making them weaker and more susceptible to infection. Food can also get stuck in the gap allowing bacteria to develop. Replacing the tooth not only allows comfort when eating, but it also retains the face’s shape and aesthetic beauty, whilst restoring your true smile. Dental bridges have been around in central Leeds for a long time now and that’s because they work. They are also one of the cheaper options available- which type of bridge you have is determined by where in the mouth the tooth has been lost. In the middle of a row of teeth, you can opt for a new tooth that is attached to two crowns that are cemented on to the teeth either side of the gap. At the back of the mouth, the replacement is moulded onto a single tooth with wire and resin. Today however, the bridge can be used in conjunction with a mini-implant for extra strength and rigidity. Notoriously awkward to clean, but once you get the hang of it, your bridge can last you over 10 years.

Mini implants offer patients the chance to replace teeth securely with Central Leeds dentists

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Humans have always had a tendency to lose teeth every now and then. There are many causes: an accident to the mouth, sever dental decay or aggravated gum disease. Tooth loss becomes more likely in older age too as teeth have been subjected to many years of wear and tear. One option to replace lost teeth (whether it is a whole set or just one tooth) is to consider mini implants.
Having implants installed in your mouth is basically a method of giving false teeth a permanent housing in your mouth. These implants are placed beneath the gum and against the jaw bone. This is done because of the discovery made by a Portuguese dental scientist in the nineteen fifties. He found that the metal known as titanium naturally fuses – or osseointegrates – with living bone.
The success rates of dental implants are very high indeed and patients are left with a secure and durable housing into which a false tooth can be screwed. It is not a cheap option and some are put off by the fact that local anaesthetic and surgery is required, but once it has been carried out, you won’t even have to think about the fact that you once lost some or more of your teeth.
Dental implants are strong enough to be able to support a bridge of false teeth if you have lost a number of your natural teeth and are seeking a reliable solution that replicates the functionality of your mouth.
Any concerns about the procedure and the aftermath can be answered by your Central Leeds dentist who should be expert in mini implants.

Central Leeds tell patients that dental implants are a secure solution to tooth loss

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Dental implants represent one of the most incredible advances in dentistry that occurred in the twentieth century. Human beings have always suffered from tooth loss, although much less so in the last one hundred years as general health has improved, especially in the developed world. And we have always sought solutions to this loss of teeth, in recognition of the fact that your mouth can function at its best when it has a full set of teeth, even if some of them are replicas of natural teeth.
The advent of dental implants means that false teeth can be securely housed in the mouth in a fashion that is so much like their state that patients can hardly tell the difference after a while. They work by a socket being placed beneath the gum, into which a false tooth can be screwed. But the real trick of dental implants is that they are placed right next to the jaw bone after the discovery that titanium fuses naturally with living bone after a time (the process is clinically known as osseointegration). The housing that this provides for the replica teeth is incredibly stable.
Dental implants are not a cheap option but once they are in place you won’t have to think about it anymore. Options like dental bridge work (if there are still teeth in the mouth to support the bridge) and particularly dentures are far cheaper and less invasive but they cannot compete with dental implants in terms of providing enduring stability for replica teeth. Your Central Leeds dentist can give you all the relevant information about dental implants if you have missing teeth and are interested in the procedure.

Gum disease: Causes, diagnoses and treatments with Central Leeds dentists

Monday, April 18th, 2011

1904692_blogGum disease is all too common in the United Kingdom and dentists are anxious to something about it, with your help. The unfortunate and painful fact is that gum disease actually leads to more cases of tooth loss than the decay of teeth through cavities. The reasons for the prevalence of gum disease can be put down to many people not recognising the signs of it and also people neglecting to go to the dentist as often as they should.
Gum disease need not get to the stage where tooth loss becomes a concern. In its early stages, gum disease is known as gingivitis and it is not a particularly serious business in and of itself. It will lead to greater sensitivity when eating and drinking and maybe a little soreness. But it is very easy to sort out.
It is often the case that it is caused purely by the patient not quite taking the very best possible care of their teeth and the dentist will advise them to change their routine some way. Sometimes specially formulated mouth wash is suggested and in some cases, antibiotics can be taken to rid the gum of the inflammation.
It is vitally important that the disease is sorted out at this stage though for, while gingivitis is relatively benign and more inconvenient than anything else, it can be a harbinger of worse. The next stage of gum disease is a far worse proposition. Periodontitis actively causes tooth loss because the bones holding teeth in place become inflamed and can no longer do their job properly.
Stop periodontal disease in its tracks by brushing and flossing properly at home and going to see your Central Leeds dentist at regular intervals.