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Oral problems and your general health: City of Leeds dentists explain the links to patients

All the different parts of your body are linked together in innumerable ways, through the blood stream, nervous system and beyond. No part of your body is an island, isolated from the rest of it and a problem in one part of your body can affect others. You should get any health problems treated so it cannot affect the rest of you. This is true of your mouth as much as anywhere else as oral hygiene problems can become concerns for other parts of you beyond just your mouth.
If you have an infection or abscess form in your mouth it can begin to affect other parts of your body, by flowing through the blood stream. It is vital then that you get it dealt with. If a blood clot forms as a result of an abscess in your mouth, it can have major implications for the rest of you.
Apnea is a concern for dentists, particularly sleep apnea, because it is caused by the muscles at the rear of the mouth relaxing during sleep and restricting the flow of oxygen to the lungs. This condition, as well as disrupting sleep in the most inconvenient of fashions, can have a serious impact on the lives of patients. It has been linked to heart failure to and strokes brought on by the hypertension caused by the lack of proper sleep.
All of which serves as a further remind to visit your City of Leeds dentist every six months to have your mouth checked out by a trained professional. With their expert diagnosis and treatment they can ensure that any problems are stamped out before they can affect your general health.

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