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How to Choose the Right Brace for Your Needs

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

header_image4Many people thinking about having orthodontic treatment come to us wondering what kinds of braces are available and which systems would suit them best. At City Dental Leeds, we recognise that selecting a treatment can be confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with the treatments available to you and this is why our expert dentists take the time to carry out a thorough consultation that gives them chance to explain the ins and outs and pros and cons of each option and answer as many questions as required.

Choosing the right brace

When you have your consultation, your dentist will carry out some tests and checks to ascertain your dental needs and get a clear idea of your individual orthodontic prescription. This will usually dictate which kinds of treatments are available to you. Often, treatments are geared towards people who have specific levels of need and what suits one patient may not be viable for another. Once your dentist has completed their analysis, they will go through the options with you and talk you through each one. They can also make recommendations based on what they think would be most beneficial for you.

In addition to your dental needs, your dentist can also take additional factors into account when discussing the options with you. For example, if you would like discreet brace or you have a certain date in mind and want a faster option, these preferences can be taken into consideration.

If you have any questions at all during the planning stage, our dentists are there to help. It is very common for patients to have concerns and questions before they begin treatment, so don’t ever feel like a question is silly or unnecessary. Our dental team will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

How to Clean Your Braces During Treatment

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

3943593_blogWhen you have braces, you have to be particularly mindful of oral hygiene, as there is a greater risk of food debris getting trapped in the mouth and subsequently an elevated risk of decay. When you have braces fitted, your dentist will explain how to keep them clean and which foods to try and avoid to protect your braces and promote good oral health and show you some effective cleaning techniques.

Keeping braces clean

If you have fixed braces, it can be tricky to keep them clean, especially after eating. But once you get used to a cleaning regime, you will find it becomes second nature and you should have no problems at all. If you are struggling at any point, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our dentists will be happy to help.

We recommend brushing the teeth after meals, but it is best to wait around 40 minutes. You can use a normal toothbrush and there are also specially designed brushes you can use for braces. We also recommend rinsing with mouthwash to wash away bacteria and food particles.

Dental checks

In addition to a good oral hygiene routine, we also recommend regular dental checks throughout your treatment so we can see how you are getting on and give your teeth a good clean and polish. If you have any problems at all between scheduled checks, we are always at the end of the phone to arrange extra appointments.


Your diet is really important when it comes to oral health and this is especially pertinent if you have braces. There are some foods that increase the risk of decay and gum disease and there are also some foods that may cause problems for your brace, such as boiled sweets and other hard foods. Generally speaking, it’s best to try and stick to a healthy, balanced diet, avoid chewy and sticky foods and moderate sugar intake.

The Benefits of Removable Orthodontics

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

2904387_blogRemovable orthodontics are increasingly popular and it’s no wonder! They offer a host of benefits for patients of all ages with all kinds of orthodontic prescriptions. Here are just some of the advantages you can enjoy if you opt for a removable brace:


With a removable brace, you can enjoy much greater flexibility than with a fixed brace, as you can take your brace out whenever you want to. It is important to stress that you should wear your brace according to the instructions from your dentist and you shouldn’t spend long periods of time without wearing your brace. However, many patients enjoy the freedom of being able to take their brace out quickly and simply.


Removable braces are very convenient because they have minimal impact on day to day actions that might be made more difficult by wearing a fixed brace, such as cleaning your teeth and eating. With a removable brace, you simply take the brace out, eat your dinner normally and then pop your brace back in.

Improved oral hygiene

With a removable brace, you can continue to clean your teeth in the same way as you did before you started treatment. It is much easier to clean your teeth without a brace in place than it is to try and steer a toothbrush around brackets and wires. This improves oral hygiene and reduces the risk of dental diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease. It’s also very easy to keep the brace clean as you can simply remove it and rinse it out.


Many removable braces offer incredibly natural looking and discreet aesthetics that will help you to feel more confident during the treatment process. Invisible aligners, such as Invisalign, straighten the teeth without any impact on the look of the smile. On the other hand, the Inman Aligner is not invisible, but it offers a much less noticeable aesthetic than fixed braces.


Removable braces tend to be more comfortable than fixed braces because they don’t have bands or wires that need tightening and many contain no metal parts.

To find out more about our amazing removable orthodontic treatments including Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, call us today.

Secret Straightening with Invisalign Braces

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

header_image4If you’d rather keep your braces a secret, we have the perfect solution for you! Invisalign is a clear brace system that affords you the luxury of undergoing treatment in complete secret. You can smile, chat to your friends and speak in public without anyone being able to tell that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Tell me more!

If the prospect of invisible braces is appealing to you, we are delighted to introduce Invisalign. This convenient, discreet system is suitable for patients with a range of minor and moderate orthodontic issues and it offers the option to remain incognito during treatment, as well as a number of other amazing benefits.

Many people imagine a metal fixed brace when they think about braces, but Invisalign is a completely different ball game. This treatment uses a sequence of specially designed bespoke appliances called aligners to straighten out issues like spacing and crooked teeth. The aligners are all different and they work in order, taking centre stage for 2 weeks at a time. Once the last aligner has done its bit, you’ll be able to show off your amazing new smile and everyone will be shocked to hear that you’ve been wearing a secret brace all along! Treatment is planned in advance and the bespoke collection of aligners is manufactured according to your personalised plan. The advanced software can also be used to show you what kind of results you can expect when you finish treatment.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign offers maximum discretion, but it also gives you flexibility and freedom, ease of use and comfort. As the aligners are removable, eating and drinking re completely stress-free and you can clean your teeth as normal. The clear aligners contain no metal bands, which require adjusting and they use gentle forces to move the teeth, so you won’t need to worry about tackling any pain.

If you’re interested in Invisalign, call us now to find out more and arrange a consultation. This could be just the treatment you’ve been looking for!

No Need to Hide Your Smile During Invisalign Treatment

Monday, February 16th, 2015

header_image4If you’re thinking about having braces, you may assume that you’ll need to hide your smile for months to come. But with Invisalign, you can show off those pearly whites without any worries about how you look or what your friends or colleagues will think. Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, so you can feel confident throughout your treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern, innovative orthodontic treatment, which employs a series of custom-made aligners to straighten out orthodontic issues. Invisalign aligners look similar to gum shields, but they are much thinner and lighter and they are completely clear. When they are in place over the teeth, it is very hard to notice them.

The Invisalign treatment process differs to normal orthodontic treatment because more than one appliance is used. In fact, each patient is given a series of aligners, all of which are bespoke and the aligners are swapped every two weeks. Each one is slightly different and treatment is planned in advance so you can see exactly how your teeth will move and what your smile will look like at the end.

The many benefits of Invisalign

Understandably, many people are worried about having braces because of the way they look, the treatment duration and the social stigma attached to them. However, with Invisalign there’s no need to even think about these potential stresses. Invisalign aligners are clear, so nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing a brace, you can take them out when you’re out for dinner or drinks and you can go to meetings or dates without anyone being drawn to a highly visible brace.

As Invisalign aligners are removable, they give you more flexibility and reduce the impact of treatment on your normal daily routine. You don’t have to worry about getting bits of food lodged in your brace and you can brush your teeth in the normal way. As teeth cleaning is straightforward, there is also a lower risk of oral health problems associated with wearing a brace.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment times vary depending on how much tooth movement is required and the complexity of the orthodontic prescription. Most patients wear their aligners for around 12 months.

Innovative Invisalign Treatment For Easy-Peasy Teeth Straightening

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

3170978_blogInvisalign braces can help you to achieve a flawless smile with no hassle or worries at all. This innovative clear brace system straightens the teeth with minimal impact on your normal daily routine and your looks, making it a popular option for patients of all ages.

About Invisalign

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment, which offers a different spin on traditional orthodontics. This treatment uses a series of specially designed clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. These aligners sit on your teeth and they are completely invisible to others, so you don’t need to worry about looking different or suffering a crisis of confidence when you meet new people, go on dates or walk into an important meeting.

With Invisalign, patients really can go through the treatment process without any stress, as the aligners are removable; this means that you can brush your teeth as normal and enjoy eating without any concerns about breaking your brace or getting bits of food stuck in the wires.

What’s so special about Invisalign?

Over the years, orthodontic patients have encountered problems and Invisalign seems to provide solutions to many of these issues. The aligners are clear, which means that they don’t have any impact on your looks or your confidence and you can take them to enable you to enjoy life as normal. Invisalign aligners are also made from plastic and each one is individually customised, so you can enjoy amazing levels of comfort; there are no painful metal bands and you won’t need to have your braces adjusted or tightened.

Invisalign is also suitable for a wide range of patients, including adults and teenagers, and it produces incredible results. The treatment process is also simple; once you receive your custom-designed aligners, you simply wear them in the specified order. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks and you take them out to eat and clean your teeth; it’s important to ensure the braces are in place for at least 21 hours per day.

To find out if Invisalign could be the perfect match for you, call us now!

No Need to Feel Self-Conscious about Your Smile Anymore with Invisible Braces from Central Leeds Dentist

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Whether child, teenager or adult, having to wear braces can be an embarrassing experience. Invisible braces can now give you the dental benefits of braces while hiding the fact you wear braces. Permanently fixed braces are not now the necessarily best option for everyone. Your Central Leeds dental practice can offer a range of braces that will fit your unique needs, ask them if invisible braces may be right for you.

New types of invisible braces are made of clear plastic that is moulded to your exact specifications, meaning they blend right in with your natural appearance. They are normally removable and so can be removed when eating or for important social events. It is very important though that you wear them on average 22 hours a day in order to have the desired effect. As with all braces it is necessary to wear invisible braces for a minimum of several months and up to a year or two. The length of time it takes to have a permanent effect is largely dependent on the original position of the teeth and how much adjustment they need.

The fitting of invisible braces does not take too long but may take a few visits to your dentist. They will first consult with you on exactly what type of braces would be right for you. They will then need to take moulds, x-rays and photographs in order for the braces to be made to the exact shape and size of your teeth. The dentist will the fit them and likely ask you to return in a month or two to check whether they need any adjustments.