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Choose from the Greatest Braces Around!

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

386703_blogWe aim to give our clients a choice and when it comes to orthodontic treatment, we believe we offer the best systems in the country. Whether you need minor correction or intensive treatment, prefer a removable aligner or a fixed brace, we have solutions to suit everyone.

It’s important to move with the times and we ensure that our clients have access to the best orthodontic treatments around. Our dentists are committed to continual professional development and regularly attend courses to ensure they are up to date with the newest treatments and orthodontic techniques. As a result, our treatment list is expanding all the time and we are confident that we can find the perfect match for every client.

Our treatments

We offer myriad orthodontic options in order to cater for our clients’ diverse needs and preferences. We have treatments that are specifically aimed at those with minor issues, as well as those geared towards complex cases. We also offer removable and fixed braces; we have fast-acting systems, invisible braces and systems designed for teenagers.

Our treatment list includes:

  • Invisalign
  • STb Social 6
  • Inman Aligner
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Damon Braces

Aligner systems

Our clear aligner system, Invisalign uses a series of removable transparent appliances. We also offer the Inman Aligner, which is a rapid removable aligner treatment for minor orthodontic issues.

Lingual braces

Our lingual brace treatment (STb Social 6) provide complete invisibility. Lingual braces are fixed to the back of the teeth, so nobody can see them.

Fixed braces

Our fixed braces, which offer discretion and speed, include Six Month Smiles (for issues that affect the front teeth) and Damon Braces (for complex needs).

When you have a consultation, your dentist will be able to make recommendations based on your orthodontic prescription and your treatment preferences, for example, if you would prefer a discreet brace to a highly visible appliance.

The Incredible Inman Aligner

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

18625044We are delighted to offer our patients a range of innovative orthodontic treatments, including the incredible Inman Aligner. If you have minor orthodontic issues and are searching for an effective, swift and comfortable treatment option, look no further than the Inman Aligner.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance that exerts forces that squeeze the teeth, causing them to move in the right direction. The aligner slips into position over the teeth and is designed to be taken out when you eat and clean your teeth. Forces are generated by a coiled spring, located behind the front teeth and a thin metal bar, which can be seen running along the front of the teeth.

Who is a good candidate for Inman Aligner treatment?

Ideally, this treatment is suited to patients who have minor issues, such as crowding or crooked teeth, that involve the teeth at the front of the mouth. It is capable of achieving a small amount of movement in no time at all and presents a great option for those who need minor correction, as well as patients who have experienced relapse after previous treatment.

If you have complex issues that require a lot more movement, the Inman Aligner might not be the best choice for you. Once we have assessed your needs, we will be happy to go through treatment choices with you and help you to choose a more suitable option.

How long does treatment take?

If you’re in a hurry for results, have got a special date in mind or you simply can’t wait to show off your new smile, we have great news! This treatment is one of the fastest systems around, with an average treatment time of just 16 weeks. The exact time may vary slightly and your dentist will be able to give you an accurate prediction when you have your consultation.

Benefits of the Iman Aligner

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

18625010The Inman Aligner is a modern dental braces innovation for straightening front teeth and for treating orthodontic relapse. Within 16 weeks, individuals with such orthodontic conditions can experience smile transforming results.

Designed with a precious metal bar positioned forward of the front teeth and a coiled spring placed at the rear of the front teeth, these components apply orthodontic pressure to gentle realign teeth through a push-pull action, without traditional brackets or wires.

Latest technologies

Using the latest technologies and techniques, patients receive personalised Inman Aligner brace systems to meet their orthodontic needs. These custom-made teeth straightening devices are an advanced alternative to traditional fixed braces.

Benefits of the Inman Aligner

To receive Inman Aligner care for skew, crooked or protruding teeth, patients undergo an initial examination and imaging to check for suitability of treatment. The Inman Aligner may not suit all individuals. During your consultation, the Inman Aligner practitioner explains all aspects of the treatment. Where agreed, impressions are made and sent to a laboratory for custom-making of the aligners.

Advantages to the Inman Aligner

The benefits far outweigh any drawbacks that may include a temporary adjustment period to wearing the braces system. Patients soon learn how to use the system properly and adapt speech. The dentist provides patients with information on how to property clean and maintain their Inman Aligner braces system.

Patients wearing Inman Aligner braces systems receive diverse advantages. The device is easily removed for cleaning to maintain good oral hygiene practice and for enjoying meals. Being custom-made and removable, the Inman Aligner is convenient and suitable for use by people with varied lifestyles.

Patients have a beautiful smile with natural teeth alignment within a few weeks, giving greater confidence. The treatment is pain-free, designed to reduce oral discomfort. In comparison to other modern treatments, the Inman Aligner is more cost-effective, giving patients added flexibility. For more information on the Inman Aligner please contact the team at City Dental in the heart of Leeds.

Smile Confidently Whilst Wearing Braces

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

braces front teethMany patients come to us with concerns that they will feel unattractive and self-conscious when they smile if they choose to have braces. We understand that it’s important to look and feel good and our range of treatments takes these concerns into account and offers you the opportunity to feel confident during your treatment. We don’t just want you to feel amazing after your braces come off – we also want you to feel confident while you have treatment and we promise that our treatments will deliver.

Our discreet treatments

We are proud to offer our clients a host of discreet orthodontic treatment options, including Invisalign clear aligners, the discreet Inman Aligner and invisible lingual braces.

Invisalign: Invisalign is a transparent aligner system that uses a series of custom-made, light, plastic aligners to guide the teeth into the correct position. Invisalign not only offers virtual invisibility, but it also gives patients flexibility (as the aligners are removable) and comfort, as the forces are gentle and there are no metal parts or bands that need adjusting. Invisalign is suitable for most patients who have minor or moderate issues and it is an ideal choice for teenagers and adults who are worried about how braces will affect their image.

Inman Aligner: the Inman Aligner is not invisible, but it is extremely discreet and all you can see is a fine metal bar. Treatment time is so short that you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing braces before they come off! The average case is complete in just 16 weeks.

Lingual braces: lingual braces are the perfect solution for anyone with reservations about having orthodontic treatment due to the impact it may have on their looks and confidence. With this treatment, you really can get the smile you want without anyone else even being able to see your brace, as the brace sits behind the teeth. We offer STb Social 6 braces.

All About Braces!

Friday, January 8th, 2016

braces front teethBraces have been used to treat a range of different orthodontic problems for many years now and conventional metal braces are still used to address problems including overcrowding, gap between the teeth and poorly positioned teeth.

Many people think of traditional metal train-tracks when they hear the word brace, but braces have evolved considerably and there is now a whole host of different types of braces and orthodontic devices on the market.

Braces are usually associated with teenagers but recently there has been a significant increase in the number of adults visiting their dentist for orthodontic treatments. This is mainly due to the introduction of new, discreet treatments but is also associated with the rise of celebrity culture and the increased focus on image and beauty.

Although the conventional metal brace did enjoy something of a resurgence thanks to the Channel 4 series Ugly Betty, more discreet treatments have become much more popular. Now, the most popular treatments include Invisalign invisible braces, Damon Braces, Six Month Smile braces and the Inman Aligner.

Looking for a Leeds dentist? City Dental are here to help.

As well as being much more discreet than conventional metal braces, new orthodontic treatments also decrease treatment time and some treatments can produce amazing results in just a matter of weeks. Some treatments aren’t suitable for some people, the treatment you choose may depend on your budget but you will also be advised based on your orthodontic problems and your oral health status.

Awesome Orthodontic Options in Leeds

Monday, December 14th, 2015

header_image4We are delighted to offer the people of Leeds an awesome array of orthodontic treatments, including the latest innovations on the market. We offer something for everyone, from those who need just a minor adjustment to their front teeth, to those with complex needs requiring intensive treatment. Our treatment list is expanding all the time and we are proud to offer every client a choice. We tailor your treatment plan to suit you and are here every step of the way to make sure you enjoy the best possible results.

Our treatment options

We offer a range of treatments, including fixed and removable appliances and we have solutions for every orthodontic issue you could imagine, from minor crowding to a severe over bite. Our treatments include:

  • Inman Aligner: this is a removable appliance that rapidly tackles minor issues affecting the front teeth. The average treatment time is just 16 weeks and the aligner is very discreet.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear aligner system that offers you the chance to undergo treatment in secret. This system is ideally suited to those with minor or moderate needs and it’s a great option for those who don’t want the aesthetic issues of visible braces.
  • Six Month Smiles: this speedy fixed brace treatment takes just six months to straighten out issues that involve the front teeth. These braces are also very discreet, as they are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.
  • Damon Braces: Damon Braces are fixed braces capable of bringing about a lot of movement. They are an excellent alternative to traditional fixed braces for people who would prefer shorter treatment times and more discreet aesthetics. Damon Braces work faster than conventional braces by using the latest technology, including triangular-shaped brackets and self-ligating wires.
  • STb Social 6 lingual braces: STb Social 6 lingual braces offer an invisible alternative to traditional fixed braces. These sleek braces are fixed to the back of the teeth, so they won’t impact your looks in any way. This system targets issues that affect the social 6, the front six top and bottom teeth and the average treatment time is just four months.


Innovative Orthodontics with the Inman Aligner

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

2445507_blogNothing says innovation like the Inman Aligner. With this incredible treatment, you can enjoy beautifully straight teeth in just 16 weeks! Gone are the days of waiting around for results, your new smile could literally be weeks away!

About the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is an orthodontic appliance that works rapidly to correct misalignment and straighten out issues with the front teeth. The aim is to create a stunning smile and improve oral function. This treatment uses forces generated by a coiled spring and a metal bar to squeeze the teeth, gently pushing them in the right direction. The technology is advanced and the teeth move swiftly without causing discomfort.

As the Inman Aligner is removable, patients can enjoy eating without any difficulty and it is easier to keep dental disease at bay, as there are no risks of food getting stuck in the brackets or struggling to clean the teeth thoroughly because of the brackets and wires. You simply pop the aligner out and brush as usual. Many patients also prefer the sense of freedom a removable brace gives them.

Am I a good candidate for the Inman Aligner?

If you have minor orthodontic issues and are eager to enjoy rapid results, the Inman Aligner could be just the ticket! This treatment is designed to provide patients who only need a small amount of movement a fast and discreet alternative to traditional fixed braces and it can also be an excellent option for patients who have already had treatment in the past and started to suffer relapse. This occurs when the teeth start to move after treatment.  Your City Dental Leeds dentist will be able to determine whether you are a good match for the Inman Aligner once they have examined the teeth and had a good look at your bite.

The Inman Aligner Straightens Smiles Swiftly

Friday, July 10th, 2015

2904341_blogIf you feel the need for speed, look no further than the Inman Aligner. This rapid removable brace straightens out orthodontic issues in record time.

How does it work?

The Inman Aligner is a really impressive orthodontic system that uses gentle yet powerful forces to move the teeth in no time at all. This device is made up of two main components, a coiled spring and a metal bar. These parts work together to produce forces that push and pull the teeth so they move into the correct position, creating a beautifully aligned smile.

One of the best things about the Inman Aligner is the treatment time, as most cases are completed within four months. However, there are lots of other benefits to enjoy. The aligner is removable, which means you can continue with life as normal without worrying about altering your diet or trying to steer around brackets when you brush your teeth. The aligner is also comfortable and much less visible traditional fixed braces. The only part that can be seen is the metal bar, but it’s very discreet. The treatment process is also really simple. You only wear one appliance and it needs to be in place for around 22 hours per day for the best results.

Who can benefit from the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is designed with patients who have mild issues in mind. It produces a restricted amount of movement and is an ideal choice for those who need minor correction. This treatment may also be recommended for those who have suffered relapse following previous treatment. This helps to prevent the teeth from moving any more, as well as providing straightening benefits.

If you would like to find out if you are a good match for the Inman Aligner, simply call and book a consultation. Your amazing new smile could be just weeks away!


Faster Straightening with the Inman Aligner

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

386703_blogAs technology advances, orthodontic patients can enjoy a growing range of benefits, a huge advantage being faster treatment. The Inman Aligner is an excellent example of modern orthodontics and a great choice for anyone who can’t wait to show off the results of their treatment. In just a matter of weeks, this appliance can transform your smile!

What does the Inman Aligner do?

The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that uses powerful forces to move the teeth incredibly quickly. The aligner slides in and out of the mouth very easily and comprises of two main parts: a metal bar and a coiled spring. The two parts work together to produce forces that gently squeeze the teeth, pushing and pulling them to move them into position and improve tooth alignment.

The pros and cons of the Inman Aligner

The most talked about aspect of the Inman Aligner is how fast it can achieve results. Usually, orthodontic treatment takes months or even years, but this method can create perfect looking smiles in just a few weeks. On average, cases are finished within 16 weeks. The aligner is also removable, giving you more freedom and affording you the chance to carry on with life as you would without braces. You won’t have to worry about eating or cleaning your teeth with the aligner, as you can simply take it out when necessary. The aligner also uses sophisticated technology to generate strong forces without causing discomfort and most people find the device very comfortable after the first couple of days. Unlike some aligners, the Inman Aligner is not completely invisible. However, the only visible part is the fine metal bar, so this offers a far more discreet alternative to traditional braces.

The only real downside of this appliance is that it is restricted in terms of who it can benefit. It is designed to help those with minor issues involving the front teeth and is not a suitable option for people who need more movement or treatment for complex problems.

Is the Inman Aligner a good choice for me?

If you need minor correction and are looking for a treatment that works quickly and also offers comfort, convenience and discreet aesthetics, this could be an excellent choice. Call us and book a consultation to see if the Inman Aligner is a viable option for you.

The Benefits of Removable Orthodontics

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

2904387_blogRemovable orthodontics are increasingly popular and it’s no wonder! They offer a host of benefits for patients of all ages with all kinds of orthodontic prescriptions. Here are just some of the advantages you can enjoy if you opt for a removable brace:


With a removable brace, you can enjoy much greater flexibility than with a fixed brace, as you can take your brace out whenever you want to. It is important to stress that you should wear your brace according to the instructions from your dentist and you shouldn’t spend long periods of time without wearing your brace. However, many patients enjoy the freedom of being able to take their brace out quickly and simply.


Removable braces are very convenient because they have minimal impact on day to day actions that might be made more difficult by wearing a fixed brace, such as cleaning your teeth and eating. With a removable brace, you simply take the brace out, eat your dinner normally and then pop your brace back in.

Improved oral hygiene

With a removable brace, you can continue to clean your teeth in the same way as you did before you started treatment. It is much easier to clean your teeth without a brace in place than it is to try and steer a toothbrush around brackets and wires. This improves oral hygiene and reduces the risk of dental diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease. It’s also very easy to keep the brace clean as you can simply remove it and rinse it out.


Many removable braces offer incredibly natural looking and discreet aesthetics that will help you to feel more confident during the treatment process. Invisible aligners, such as Invisalign, straighten the teeth without any impact on the look of the smile. On the other hand, the Inman Aligner is not invisible, but it offers a much less noticeable aesthetic than fixed braces.


Removable braces tend to be more comfortable than fixed braces because they don’t have bands or wires that need tightening and many contain no metal parts.

To find out more about our amazing removable orthodontic treatments including Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, call us today.