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City of Leeds dentists carry out scaling and polishing and patients’ teeth feel extra clean

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

There are a number of things that only your dentist can do at his or her surgery. Procedures like root canal treatment and the fitting of braces are obvious but dentists can also contribute to the cleaning of teeth by using a special process that can only be carried out at the surgery. It is called scaling and polishing and it leaves you with that ‘dentist clean’ feeling in your mouth.
The aim of scaling and polishing is to removed tartar from the teeth and make the teeth less likely to accommodate plaque in the near future. Tartar is basically plaque that has built up to point where it has hardened into a substance that is extremely difficult to remove with home oral care. Brushing alone is not sufficient to remove tartar from the teeth.
The scaling part of scaling and polishing is when the tartar is removed from the teeth using special things like hooks that scrape the tartar from teeth. Then the dentist administers the polishing which makes the surfaces of teeth smoother. Plaque needs a slightly rough surface on which to cling easily and if your dentist can be smoothed by the dentist polishing them then plaque will find it more difficult to stick to teeth.
Your teeth will instantly feel cleaner and you can rest assured in the knowledge that plaque will find it more difficult to find a foot hold in your mouth for a short time at least. The process is a quick and dentists in the City of Leeds usually carry it out as part of the six months check up that you will go to twice a year.

The need for Scaling and Polishing in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Modern products that are now on sale in the city of Leeds are far more effective than the old ones ever were and with the right brushing and flossing techniques, you should be able to keep plaque at bay indefinitely. Well that may well be true in fantasy, but in reality, not all of us adhere to the rules of oral hygiene and you only have to take your eye off the ball for a couple of days and tartar will start to build up. This cannot be brushed away, which what makes going to the dentist so imperative, because after tartar, comes tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist will be able to remove small amounts of tartar with a quick scale and clean and then finish off with a polish to remove any stains and rough surfaces that can house plaque. If however the problem has got out of hand, you may require a deep scale down beneath the gum line. Sometimes, you may require the roots to be cleaned as well to remove bacteria. Of course this is the time to ask if there is any way you can improve on your oral care you do at home and maybe adjust your lifestyle; if you smoke and drink, try to cut down and eat healthily too- give your teeth a chance eh?

Put an end to periodontal disease once for all with help from City of Leeds dentists

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

There are many good reasons to go and see your dentist every six months. If you have been recently then you will know about how they administer scaling and polishing to get rid of troublesome tartar and that they look out for signs of dental decay, oral cancer and sleep apnea. But your dentist is also keeping a close eye on the state of your gums. And thank goodness they are because gum disease actually causes more cases of tooth loss than decaying teeth themselves.
Gum disease (clinically termed periodontal disease) is not something to be especially fearful of if you take certain simple steps with your home oral health care routine. Brushing your teeth is beneficial not just for the teeth themselves. The removal of plaque from the gum line of teeth is key in beating periodontal disease. Plaque can inflame the gums, leaving them sensitive and reddened if a condition called gingivitis occurs.
Gingivitis can progress into something much more insidious: periodontitis. This where the danger of tooth loss become palpable. If the inflammation spreads to your bones that hold your teeth firmly in place then you might undergo the extremely painful experience of losing some of your teeth.
So make sure that you are not only brushing your teeth but also flossing. If you are a smoker, think about giving up because it stymies the production of saliva which naturally combats plaque in the mouth. These simple measures, carried out in conjunction with regular visits to your City of Leeds dentist, should leave you free from the potential problems of periodontal gum disease and you won’t have to worry about tooth loss.

Scaling and polishing at City of Leeds dentists: Why you should have it done

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Going to the dentist for a visit every six months or so goes a long way to helping with keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Your mouth is a highly specialised collection of parts which work together to make your life easier. If any one part of it becomes diseased or loses functionality then it can threaten the smooth working of the whole thing. Your dentist is best placed to examine the whole of your mouth so that it stays healthy for you.
But keeping a check on the health of your teeth, gums and tongue is not the only reason to go to the dentist. There are things that your dentist can do in the surgery that you will be unable to do at home. One of these things involves the removal of tartar. You might not have heard of tartar, but you will probably know all about plaque and how that can threaten the health of your mouth. Plaque and tartar are really the same thing, tartar is just the hardened form of plaque.
It is just as damaging as plaque but with the added inconvenience that it cannot be removed by brushing alone with a tooth brush like you do every day at home. By administering a process known as scaling and polishing, your dentist can effectively remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, leaving them free from the threat of dental decay and gum disease that they can cause.
If you are concerned about tartar, talk to your City of Leeds dentist about scaling and polishing in order to get rid of it. An added bonus of the process is that your mouth will look better afterwards too as tartar can give teeth a yellow hue.

City of Leeds advise patients about scaling and polishing

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Even the most rigorous and careful brushing at home cannot reproduce that feeling of having had your teeth cleaned by the dentist. They use special equipment that will leave your teeth feeling incredible clean and help to maintain your oral health.
This technique of cleaning by dentists is often referred to as scaling and polishing. In the process of scaling, dentists scrape away plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. To do this a small, sharp hook is used. Getting rid of plaque and its hardened form, tartar, is vital in the fight against tooth decay because if it just left there on your teeth then it can cause tooth decay.
In fact tartar cannot be removed by brushing at home, only dentists with their specialist equipment can manage it. Removing tartar has the added benefit of making your teeth look better too because tartar can give your teeth an unsightly discoloured appearance. It is not a particularly painful business and modern dentists go to great lengths to relax their patients while they are in their care.
An electric polisher is then used to buff the teeth, making them look whiter as any further stains are removed. The added smoothness that polishing achieves actually makes it harder for plaque to cling onto teeth, leaving your mouth in a better position to cope with plaque once you leave the surgery.
If you are interested in scaling and polishing you should make an appointment to see your City of Leeds dentist. The benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned will leave you with a healthy smile, free from the plaque and tartar which can cause damage to your teeth and gums.

Get that dentist clean feel with scaling and polishing at Central Leeds dentist

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The clean feeling you get after you have been to the dentist is hard to beat and almost impossible to recreate at home, no matter how hard you try to clean your teeth. That is because dentists are experts and able to use special tools and techniques to get your teeth as clean as they can possibly be. This will almost always involve techniques called scaling and polishing.

Scaling is the process of using a small, sharpened hook to scrape the plaque and tartar away from the surface of the teeth. Plaque builds up around the surface enamel of the teeth and causes erosion, which leads to cavities, the main cause of tooth decay and infection. Plaque can be removed at home with brushing and flossing but if allowed to remain will eventually become tartar. This is an ugly yellow-brown substance that discolours the teeth and also continues to erode the enamel. Tartar can be removed by scaling, which not only returns the teeth to a whiter, more natural and healthy colour, but also protects them against further damage from erosion. The dentist or hygienist will carefully scale all the areas of the teeth, removing built up plaque and tartar by scraping it loose. This may sound a lot more unpleasant than it actually is and is in fact an almost completely painless procedure.

After the teeth have been fully scaled they can then be polished. This involves buffing the surface of the teeth with an electric cleaner. This not only makes the teeth look much better, but also leaves them very smooth and more difficult for plaque to cling to. This can be carried out as a one off procedure or part of a wider smile makeover. Ask your Central Leeds dentist for more information about scaling and polishing.

Cleaner teeth with scaling and polishing from City of Leeds dentist

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

There is no feeling quite as clean as that of just having had your teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist. No mater how thoroughly you brush and floss at home you can never get that ‘straight from the dentist’ clean feeling. Dentists and hygienists use techniques known as scaling and polishing to clean teeth as thoroughly as possible, which while sometimes a little unpleasant, are very necessary to keep teeth healthy.

Scaling involves the careful use of the ominous looking little scaling hook to remove hardened plaque, commonly called tartar from the teeth. Plaque itself can be removed at home by brushing and flossing, but in hard to reach places it can often become hard. It is necessary to remove plaque and tartar as they cause inflammation of the gums and dental decay, both of which can cause nasty infections and ultimately tooth loss. Tartar is very difficult to remove and needs the skilful use of scaling by the dentist to scrape from the surface of the tooth.

Polishing is the process of thoroughly cleaning the surface of the teeth usually using an electric polisher. This smoothes the surface of the enamel, removing plaque and minor stains. This makes the teeth feel very clean and smooth and makes it difficult for plaque to cling to the surface of the teeth. City of Leeds dentists offer scaling and polishing as part of a regular dental check up pr hygiene appointment to help keep teeth as clean and healthy as possible. They are two of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep teeth free form the damage caused by plaque and tartar.