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People of Leeds, invisible braces really are all they’re cracked up to be!

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

 18625044If you’ve read about invisible braces, you may have thought you were dreaming, but we have good news: invisible braces really are all they’re cracked up to be! If you’ve been thinking about braces for a while, but always been reluctant because you didn’t want to wear highly visible braces, now is the time to go for it! Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional braces, which provides a solution for al those people who have avoided braces in the past based on aesthetics. Invisalign is not like traditional orthodontic treatments. Rather than using a fixed brace, which is made from metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to generate forces and straighten the teeth. These aligners are light and they are transparent, which makes them virtually invisible to other people. If you wanted to, you could go through the entire treatment process without anyone else even finding out that you are wearing braces. The treatment process is fairly simple. Before you wear your aligner for the first time, your treatment will be planned and the aligners will be made according to your personalised plan. Each aligner is different and the treatment works as a series, with each one worn for 2 weeks and removed to eat, drink and clean the teeth. Invisalign is suitable for most patients and it represents an ideal choice for those who want a discreet treatment, which also offers convenience and comfort.






City of Leeds Dentist can Eliminate Sensitive Teeth.

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Sensitive teeth can make your life incredibly uncomfortable. Food and the weather can be enough to make your teeth sting with sensitivity. The sensitivity of your teeth should not be dismissed, if your teeth are sensitive it is likely that it is pointing towards a more serious problem. Most people experience it at some point and there are preventative measures and treatment options that can help when it occurs.

Sensitive teeth are caused by the exposure of the central dentin of your teeth. Dentin is found under the hard outer shell of the enamel. Sensitivity generally then means that the enamel has been worn away and exposed the dentin. This can happen for several reason: tooth decay, acid erosion, gum recession, gum disease, physical damage. Depending on the cause, your City of Leeds dentist will be able to offer you some solutions. While there are some short terms fixes, it is best if you deal with the root of the problem to solve it permanently. Cavities caused by tooth decay can be filled or crowned, gum disease can cleared and physical damage can be bonded. Addressing these underlying issues will likely, with time, reduce or remove your sensitivity.

The best defence against sensitive teeth it to be highly vigilant about dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth with fluoride tooth paste designed for sensitive teeth is the best preventative measure. Flossing will also protect you from many of the causes. Speak to you dentist if you need further advice about how to avoid it and how to treat it when sensitivity occurs.

Inman Aligners from Your City of Leeds Dentist Quickly and Comfortably Straighten Your Teeth

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Inman aligners are a new, patented technology that may be able to straighten your teeth in just 8 weeks. Whether your teeth were crooked from birth or you’ve suffered a physical injury, Inman aligners can help give you the perfectly straight smile that you want. The earlier in your life that you can have them fitted the easier and more effective they are likely to be. If used in your teenage years as your teeth are still developing, they are able to guide your teeth into the perfect position that allows them to function fully and look beautiful.

Inman aligners use a very small nickel spring that puts constant pressure on your teeth, pushing them in to the correct position over several months. The aligners are removable and should be taken out when eating; you may also remove them for social occasion if you wish as long as you are wearing them for the rest of the day. Unlike some types of braces these are not permanently attached to your teeth. Each set will be made to fit your unique set of teeth. The procedure for fitting may take several visits as your City of Leeds dentist takes moulds, sends off the shape and waits for the product to be made. After they have been fitted you will be called back to the dentist at regular intervals just to check that they are comfortable and tight enough to be having an effect.

Since every person’s teeth are unique you will need to speak to your local dentist to see what is the best method of teeth straightening for you. Inman aligners are a very effective treatment that have and will help many people get their best smile.

Bad Breath? Tooth ache? Consult Your City of Leeds Dentist about Gum Disease

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss. Even though your actual teeth may remain healthy, gum disease can damage the gum and roots so badly that the root of the tooth dies and is unable to support the tooth, at which point they may become loss and fall out.

Gum disease is experienced by many people. The most noticeable symptom is the inflammation and tenderness of the gums, this is called gingivitis. You may also find that your gums bleed very easily when eating or brushing your teeth. Bad breath (‘halitosis’) may also accompany gum disease. Gingivitis will developing into periodontitis if it is not treated. It is at this point when the roots begin to die and you are at very great risk of losing your teeth.

The best way to combat gum disease is with regular brushing and flossing of your teeth. Using a soft bristled brush will allow you to clean along your gums without doing any damage to them. When flossing you should be sure to gently run the floss up above the gum line to remove any food or plaque that may have become lodged up there.

If you fear that you may be suffering from gum disease it is best to visit your City of Leeds dentist as soon as possible for an expert opinion. There are several treatment options that can be offered, varying in severity depending on the individual cases. As always prevention is better than cure, so keeping brushing and flossing and you will likely never have to deal with gum disease.


Make Your Teeth Shine with Teeth Whitening in the City of Leeds.

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

The possibilities of teeth whitening get greater every year. There are now many effective ways of getting back your bright, white smile. With varying effectiveness, there are now many products available over the counter that can help to maintain white teeth or remove unsightly stains and blemishes. While these can be effective to some degree as a preventative measure, your City of Leeds dentist will be able to offer you the most effective solutions.

Several new products, for both at the dentist and at home, are now available to help with teeth whitening. Zoom teeth whitening is a gel that is applied directly to the teeth and bleaches the enamel and dentin to a white colour, in the process hiding any stains or discolouration. Enlighten teeth whitening is also able to restore the whiteness of your teeth, so your smile shines bright.

In more serious instances of discoloured teeth you may be interested in veneers. These involve the removal of a layer of enamel, on top very fine slices of porcelain are then placed over the top. Your teeth will then have the bright, white of porcelain. This procedure is generally only recommended when your teeth are discoloured beyond repair.

Speak to you dentist about exactly which of the many products available would be right for your needs. Alongside these treatments it is advised that you limit coffee, wine, smoking and other staining activities in order to reduce the need for whitening in the future.

Wisdom Teeth Coming Through? City of Leeds Dentist Discusses Options

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Normally appearing between the ages of 18 and 25, wisdom are the final teeth to fully develop. All people possess wisdom teeth, though many people will never notice their appearance. Some people will suffer from impacted wisdom teeth when there is not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to fit. When this occurs it will likely be necessary to visit your City of Leeds dentist to have the wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth become impacted in different ways depending on the angle at which they grow. Wisdom teeth growing forwards are referred to as mesial impactions. Vertical impaction is when the teeth attempt to grow upwards but are blocked by other teeth. And sideways growing teeth are called horizontal impactions. Distal impaction occurs when the wisdom tooth grows in the opposite direction to the teeth on either side. Your dentist will be able to diagnose which of these you may be suffering from, and will be able to operate in the appropriate way to fix the teeth.

The arrival of your wisdom teeth may be accompanied by some pain. Visit your dentist to check they are developing in the correct manner and they may be able to help with the pain. Having your wisdom teeth checked early means you and the dentist have a wider range of options in dealing with them. It may well be the case that there is enough room for the wisdom teeth and it is safe and healthy to let the teeth develop naturally.

City of Leeds Dentist Offers Dental Bonding to Repair Broken Teeth

Monday, July 16th, 2012

New composite resins are capable of fixing numerous dental problems with dental bonding. Whether you have a gap between your teeth, a tooth knocked out, a root exposed or many other issues, dental bonding may be able to fix you up. Your City of Leeds dentist can fix problems with composite resin in a quick and efficient manner, without needing to use crowns, veneers or fillings. If you have a problem, book an appointment now to see whether dental bonding can help you.

Often only taking one visit to the dentist, dental bonding materials can be used to fill in chipped or cracked teeth. The flexibility of the material will allow the dentist to manipulate the bonding into a shape and size that fills the crack or chip. Used as a natural looking alternative to silver amalgam, dental bonding with composite resin can be used as a filling when cavities develop in your teeth. As a filling, dental bonding will normally have a shorter life span of metal fillings but have a wide range of white shades to perfectly match your natural teeth colour, making them all but invisible. With the receding of gums in old age many people face the risks of damaging an exposed root, dental bonding allows the root to covered and protected.

The procedure is generally quick and involves the filling down of the affected area and the bonding of the resin directly onto the tooth. The life span of dental bonding is heavily dependent on the location of the bonding, but start with a minimum of two years up to ten. Your dentist will help you decide whether this is the best course for you.

Raise Your Confidence with Smile Makeovers from your City of Leeds Dentist

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Your smile presents your personality to the world. Hiding your smile will make it hard to connect with people and enjoy life. If you don’t think your smile does you justice you should talk to your City of Leeds dentist about getting a smile makeover. Growing in popularity, the cosmetic smile makeover can give you new life and confidence by slightly altering the teeth, gums and lips to form the smile that suits you.

There is no one single treatment that is a smile makeover. Each person has the possibility of utilising a wide range of procedures to fit their own unique specifications. If you have severely damaged or broken teeth your dentist may offer you bridges or dentures as a replacement. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be made straight with the right type of bracers. New composite resin can be used in a variety of ways to fix and improve numerous dental problems. Coffee, wine and soft drinks can stain your teeth over time, the discolouration can fade the natural white colour into a dull, murky shade. Your dentist can use veneers or whitener to give you back a bright, white colour.

The length of time the process will take is completely dependent on the amount of work you which to have done. The best place to start is with a consultation with your local dentist. Together you can talk through all the possibilities that are on offer and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any queries you may have. A new you is just round the corner with a smile makeover.


City of Leeds Dentist Recommends Regular Flossing

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

While most of us having brushing firmly set within our daily dental health routine, flossing is something that we often know we should be doing but perhaps forget to be quite so vigilant about. Throughout the day food can build up between the teeth, these food particles can then in turn develop into plaque. Plaque is a film of bacteria that can eat away at the enamel of your teeth, eventually damaging the central root of your tooth until the tooth is beyond repair. Flossing is the best preventative measure for removing food and plaque from in between your teeth before damage can occur.

Regular flossing, of course alongside brushing, can help stop gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and a wide range of dental issues. Gum disease is the infection and inflammation of your gums caused by the build up of bacteria in the lining of the gum. The infection can eventually kill the tooth root (requiring its removal) if left untreated. Carefully flossing above and below of the gum line can removing the bacteria that may cause infection. In places inaccessible to your tooth brush, plaque will build up and damage your teeth. Flossing can reach these places in the tight spaces between the teeth and removing any damaging plaque or food particles before they damage anything. The breakdown of food by the bacteria in your mouth is a common cause of bad breath, flossing will remove these materials and possibly eliminate any bad breath.

Floss comes in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and forms. If you are at all unsure about the best type ask your City of Leeds dentist for advise, they will be happy to suggest what would work best for your personal needs.