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Simple Dental Crowns in Central Leeds

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

18625010It is easy to think that some dental procedures can be tricky, painful and lengthy- maybe because of past experiences at your central Leeds dentists. However, dental treatments have improved incredibly over the past thirty or so years and it really doesn’t have to take a long time to get you sorted out. Dental crowns are and will always be a great source of comfort whenever you have been the victim of bad tooth decay or even loss and it really doesn’t take that long to have them in place to overcome problems in your mouth. Of course they have to be made and this on average can take a couple of weeks to do, especially if you opt for gold or porcelain-over-metal, but the fitting of them is remarkably quick. What is even more amazing is the art of CEREC: this treatment can make up, and have you kitted out with a full porcelain crown in just an hour from start to finish. It is rather a comforting testament to just what modern dentistry can do for you these days in order to keep your mouth healthy throughout your life.

The Simplicity of Crown Placement in the City of Leeds

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

922269_blogAs modern dentistry has got its act in order over the years in the city of Leeds, so too has the ease in the way you get treated- and quickly too. Speed is essential, especially if you have lost a tooth or been ravished by tooth decay, so it’s vital you get patched up ASAP. Cosmetic dentistry has also upped its game and is integral in getting you repaired- especially with the placement of a crown. Crowns can be used for tooth loss alongside dental implants and bridges, but are more commonly found in treating bad decay after having a root canal. Once you have been diagnosed, you will then need to choose the material to make your crown out of; gold and porcelain are the more common materials used, but once you have made your choice and been treated, your crown can be in your mouth within the fortnight and it will take literally minutes to place in your mouth when it’s ready. There is also an even faster method of having a crown fitted these days: CEREC is a radical system that will sit you down, measure you up, make your crown and have you in-and-out in around an hour.

Correcting the damage with a Porcelain Crown in Leeds

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Your teeth are always under threat inLeedsfrom all manner of things ready to destroy them and one of the most prevalent ones is that of tooth decay. Advanced, this can cause infection inside the tooth and allowed to go further, can lead to tooth loss. In both outcomes, the decay or the loss has to be rectified to maintain the future health of your mouth. If tooth decay has been halted by a root canal, the tooth needs to be rebuilt afterwards to keep the status quo of the bite in your mouth going: similarly with tooth loss. This is the time to call in help from a porcelain crown to restore your tooth, maintain your oral health and to keep your smile looking natural. The porcelain crown comes in two basic models. He first is a full porcelain crown and this is more likely to be used where it doesn’t have to do much work- just look pretty when you smile, so this would be more likely at the front of your mouth. At the back of the mouth however, a lot more work is done so the crown needs to be stronger, which is why a porcelain-over-metal crown would be the choice. In either case, porcelain is the most natural material that mirrors that of the enamel of your teeth, so this is why it is the more preferred material to continue on the look of your mouth.

The Benefits Of A Porcelain Crown In Leeds

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

If you have suffered any damage to your teeth from either injury, tooth decay or indeed tooth loss, it is important to get the damage repaired in order to maintain a healthy bite in the mouth. Injury and tooth loss may require root canal treatment if the pulp inside the tooth has become infected and once this has been done, a crown is required to rebuild the tooth, similarly with tooth loss, a crown will be used in a dental bridge or in conjunction with dental implant in order to replace the loss. In Leeds, the crown can be made from anything you fancy, but the more common material of choice is porcelain as it is the closest material that mirrors the enamel of the teeth. For damage towards the front the mouth, a full porcelain crown can be used as there are no so many stresses and forces going through these teeth. At the back however, a lot of chewing and biting is done and so the crown needs to be stronger. In this case, and if you still want that natural look, you will have to opt for a porcelain-over-metal crown for strength. Prices vary from dentist to dentist, but they generally start from around £200 but it is a price worth paying to maintain the health and the beauty of your mouth.


City of Leeds dentists delighted to tell patients that treatments are speeded up with CEREC techniques

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The technological revolution that swept the world in the twentieth century and meant that man walked on the moon and allowed aeroplane travel to become widespread, not to mention the internet, has affected dentistry too. Treatment times have sped up and become altogether more efficient thanks to the technology that is now available in many dental surgeries up and down the United Kingdom.
Under the collective name of CEREC is a whole range of techniques which permit dentists to carry out some of their stock treatments quickly and more effectively. Examples of this include the manufacturing and fitting of porcelain dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns. A dentist using CEREC technology will take a three dimensional, digital x-ray of your mouth and send the data to an online milling machine. The porcelain veneer or crown will then be crafted in the surgery in little over five minutes.
This contrasts sharply with previous practices which required dentists to take x-rays which would then have to be sent off to a lab to be developed before any further action could be taken. The lab fees would increase the cost of the treatment and patients would have to wait longer too. With the use of CEREC techniques and technology you won’t have to take long afternoons or mornings off work to go to the dentist and then have to do it all over again in a week or so. Employers will find this to be excellent news!
Ask your City of Leeds dentist if they are using CEREC techniques. It might just persuade you that you do have time for that vital work on your teeth that you’ve been putting off because of your busy schedule.

Getting your mouth healthy with a Porcelain Crown in Leeds

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

If you have been finding of late that a tooth has started to be of some discomfort when you eat, the odds are quite high that you are suffering from tooth decay and an x-ray by any dentist in Leeds will confirm it. You may have been lucky and get away with a filling, but pain indicates the tooth decay has well and truly set in- requiring a root canal to save the tooth. Once the decay has gone, the tooth needs restoring for it to function naturally, and the people’s choice is the porcelain crown. If the decay has set into a tooth that doesn’t experience a lot of force to function, then an all porcelain crown will look as beautiful as the original, however, if the original tooth had to work hard with chewing and biting, the equally beautiful, but stronger porcelain-over-metal would be a better choice. These crowns will be made from impressions of the cleaned, damaged tooth and then bonded into the hole. Porcelain crowns can also be attached to implants in the case where the tooth has been lost altogether. Generally, in the case where the original tooth is still in the mouth, a crown should last as long as the tooth, with care; with implants, the crowns should last for life

Having a porcelain crown fitted in the city of Leeds

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

If you have a tooth that has been damaged through decay or injury, or even require an implant to replace a tooth that is no longer there, in the city of Leeds, it could be time be time consider getting a porcelain crown fitted too. For all of these problems can lead to further health issues arising in the mouth, such as gum disease and further tooth decay. Porcelain crowns have a very natural sheen and make and excellent replacement at around £550. There are two types of porcelain crown available on the market. The all porcelain crown is the more obvious choice for teeth at the front of the mouth, where there is far less pressure placed on them through chewing or heavy biting. However if a tooth is to be replaced or rebuilt in the back of the mouth, where there is a lot more pressure applied during eating, it may be more wiser to opt for the porcelain-fused-over-metal crown that is more durable and resistant to pressure. The treatment time for fitting the actual crown is around 2 weeks, or in one sitting if you choose CEREC treatment. (Of course, treatments to get the tooth ready for a crown can prolong the overall time the process takes). Both types of crowns are durable and long lasting if treated with care, anything up to 15 years.

Patient’s tooth saved with porcelain crown from Leeds dentist

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Porcelain crowns are ceramic caps that are fixed over damaged teeth to protect them from further damage and preserve their functionality. They are commonly used to repair damage caused by chipped, cracked or broken teeth and can also be used to add extra security to dental processes such as root canal procedures and fillings.

If a tooth is fractured or a portion is chipped away, a dentist will initially try to repair the damage with composite resin, or dental bonding as it is otherwise known. If the area damaged is too large, or the fracture too severe, the only option may be to use a crown to cap the tooth and preserve its structural integrity. Likewise, if a filling or dental inlay is sufficiently large it may need a dental crown to provide extra security from further damage and in some cases to enable the patient to keep the tooth.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is very durable and also has the benefit of appearing just like tooth enamel. Porcelain can be chosen to closely resemble the colour of the patient’s existing teeth which also makes it look more realistic. Porcelain crowns may be more expensive than crowns made form other ceramic material or bonding but they will last much longer and are therefore cheaper in the long run. A porcelain crown can last as long as twenty years compared to the average five-year life span of other materials.

Dental crowns are not always the first choice of repair as they involve the removal of enamel before they can be fixed. This enamel removal is becoming less important as technology improves and crowns become thinner, but dentists are always slightly reluctant to remove any enamel unless absolutely necessary. Crown technology has also seen the advent of computer-aided design and manufacture which is greatly reducing the amount of time needed to fit a crown.

Dental crowns are a vital part of both preventative and cosmetic dentistry. They can make the difference between keeping a tooth and losing it and can also fully restore the appearance of the dental arc. A Leeds dentist will be able to examine any damage you have sustained to your teeth and assess whether you would benefit form a porcelain crown.